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Consultation or Reporting

Requesting Consultations and Reporting Violations
Any employee who has a doubt or question related to conduct in light of these Business Conduct Guidelines or who knows of an action that is or may be in violation of these Business Conduct Guidelines is encouraged to immediately. Seek a consultation from or report the incident to their workplace superior or the designated person or organization in charge of corporate ethics. Nisshinbo Group companies take special care to ensure that employees who report an incident in accordance with the corporate ethics system do not suffer adverse action.

Actions in Violation of the Business Conduct Guidelines
In the event of an action not in compliance with these Business Conduct Guidelines, the employee who committed the action may be subject to disciplinary action based on the employment rules. Moreover, managers and officers who permitted the action or failed to notice it may also be subject to disciplinary action.

1. Corporate Ethics Committee (Nisshinbo)
: 03-5695-8848 (Member of the Management Strategy Center)
: 03-5695-8849 (Business Support Center Committee)
: 03-5695-8850 (Business Support Center Committee)
: (Chairman)
Fax : +81-3-5695-8851

2. General Counsel (Nishi Sogo law office)
: 03-3475-1641
: 03-3475-1579
: (Mr. Mukai)
: (Ms. Tomita)

3. Nisshinbo Website :

4. CSR Management Office Committee of NSA
Mr.Yuji Kato
: (038)954444-51 Ext.213 062-5982567

Mr. Boonyachote Luichant
: (038)954444-51 Ext.425 089-9399130

Mr. Sathit Chanphom
: (038)954444-51 Ext.453 064-1812413
: (038) 9544447