Nisshinbo Somboon Automotive co.,ltd.



NSA produces automobile parts is the company which manufactures automotive parts. We are aware of the importance of energy and resources conservation and environmental protection by giving priority to every activities which may have an impact on use of energy and environment. President established an environmental policy that within the defined scope of environmental management system as following :

1) Perform a task to reduce the environmental impact on activities, products and services appropriate to purpose and context.
2) Appreciate resources and energy using for optimum benefit.
3) Commit to protect of the environmental , prevent of pollution relevant to the context.
4) Commit to fulfill compliance obligations.
5) Commit to continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.
6) Communicate the company’s policy on environment to all personnel working for or on behalf of the company and the public and policy is available to interested parties.

NSA has strong intention to push and support various activities to consistently achieve the planned policy.