Nisshinbo Somboon Automotive co.,ltd.

Business Conduct Guidelines

1. Respect for Human Rights
We respect character and individuality of each person and never allow all discrimination and violation of human rights.
2. Thoroughgoing Compliance
We act in constant fairness and sincerity across a broad range of issues, respecting social norms and corporate ethics.
3. Respect for Diversity
We respect the diversity of each person, and we utilize their individual talents and skills to bring about results.
4. Awareness and Concern towards our Environmental Impact
We maintain a deep understanding of and actively engage in environmental activities.
5. Safety is the Basis for Everything
We hold safety as the top priority for all of our activities to bring high-quality products to our customers.
6. Fair and Transparent Business Practices
We respect our business partners by cultivating equality through sound business relationships.
7. Boldly Striving Forward
We are highly goal-oriented, and we never succumb to a fear of change as we constantly take on new challenges with a strategic mindset and a quick pace.
8. Innovation
We continue to innovate through co-creation with stakeholders.
9. Quality Communication
We listen carefully and speak with sincerity to build solid relations of trust with our stakeholders.