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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nisshinbo Group Corporate Philosophy
Nisshinbo Group Corporate Philosophy

Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People.
“Earth” in the Corporate Philosophy corresponds to the Environment,
“People” corresponds to Society, and “Change and Challenge! The creation of the future” corresponds to Governance (offensive and defensive) in ESG.
“Change and Challenge” is not a one-off principle, but a principle of continuous change and persistent challenge for the realization of ESG.
The fundamental spirit of "Public Entity," "Consistent Integrity," and "Innovation" are incorporate as unchanging basics.

The Spirit behind the Corporate Philosophy :
Public Entity
Under the Public Entity principle, a company contributes to Earth and People through its business and returns profits to all stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and communities. Company inherently functions as a public entity that raises capital from shareholders, hires employees, creates value society expects, makes profit by providing value to the markets, and distributes the profit to stakeholders.
Consistent Integrity
Nisshinbo group values Consistent Integrity as a business conduct standard for keeping a fair and honest attitude towards stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and communities. Nisshinbo group must continue to enhance its corporate value steadily while maintaining its reputation for honesty.

For this purpose, it is essential to hold onto Consistent Integrity with a fair and honest attitude, a high level of ethics, and uncompromising compliance.

We have to keep watching the times, the change in our environment, and the needs of human society while continuing to improve our business structure in line with these changes in order to achieve our mission as a Public Entity.
Besides new product development from technological innovation, we need to keep generating creative new values through reforms in human resources, organization, processes and structures, and market development by adopting new perspectives and approaches. Innovation comes through continuous effort for the co-creation of an affluent future society with stakeholders.

The value represents the values to provide and the attitudes to show in realizing the Corporate Philosophy
- We provide our customers with eco-friendly products and services to create a safer and more secure society with integrity.
- We create new value to inspire and satisfy our customers.
- We improve upon our corporate value and meet the expectations of our shareholders.
- We hold dear a corporate culture in which our employees can proudly work with vigor and boldly engage in new endeavors.

~ What is ESG? ~
ESG stands for “Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance.” In the past, the main measures to assess the value of a corporate investment were the company’s cash flow, profit margin, and the like. Then, in 2006, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, which is SDGs, as an entirely new conceptual framework.
ESG included the following elements, among others.
E: Prevention of climate change and air pollution, conservation of biodiversity, and management of water resources, etc.
S: Respect for human rights, health, safety, diversity, etc.
G: Compliance, Risk Management, etc.